Hollow-core element

Hollow-core element for floor and ceiling

A hollow-core element s a prestressed concrete element that is suitable and stable for decks and roofs. The hollow-core elements have a span of up to 17 meters between each load-bearing element. Hollow-core elements are used in office and commercial buildings, residential buildings, schools, agricultural buildings and industrial buildings, and other types of building projects.

Hollow-core element

  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Fireproof
  • Long spans
  • Various visual design choices
  • Heat efficient
  • High load-bearing capacity

Our hollow-core are produced with a width of 120 cm and have a seamless length. The hollow-core elements can be made with both recesses and embedding. Recess is a prepared opening in a room or floor divider that provides space for duct or pipe penetrations. The entire element can be adapted to large recesses or shafts depending on the span and load. Price is given upon request.

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hulldekke betong

Height mmEst. weight kN/m2Est. max length (m)


Tailor-made foundations

Concrete foundations can be tailored as desired. Foundations for columns, walls, masts can advantageously be prefabricated.

Prefabricated foundations reduce the scope of the groundwork and shorten the construction time. Prefabricated foundations can be combined with foundation beams, which then form a system that replaces most of the traditional foundation work.

The foundation beams can be delivered for mounting directly on the sleeve foundation before wall mounting. All types of walls can be used (concrete, steel, masonry or wood). If the outer wall is made as horizontal wall elements in concrete, the wall element can be placed directly on the sleeve foundation and form the foundation wall.

The column foundations can be mounted on leveled sand or lean concrete soles, and are particularly suitable for basement-free hall buildings.

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Columns tailored to your needs

Columns in concrete can be tailored for most purposes. The most common are columns with a rectangular or circular cross-section. Columns with a rectangular cross-section can be made very high, while columns with a circular cross-section are usually limited to floor height. Circular columns are often joined at floor dividers.

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Tailor-made beams

Our molding equipment for the production of beams in concrete is very flexible, therefore RB, LB, DLB and hat beams can be produced in almost every conceivable cross-sectional variant.

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BeamtypeDesignationSketchNormal area for cross-sectional height (mm)Normal range (not max) (m)
Rectangular flange beamLB, DLBbjelke2300-8004-12


Our prefabricated stairwells and elevator shafts in concrete are dimensioned to ensure the building’s horizontal stability – with or without additional bracing walls. The shafts are installed at the same time as the building’s other support system.

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Compact walls

Compact concrete walls are delivered in a compact concrete cross section in the request thickness. They often form arrangements for hollow core slabs and as a horizontally bracing slab to ensure the building’s stability. The thickness of the walls is determined by sound equirements and the necessary layout. Compact concrete walls are also load-bearing elements typically used in elevator shafts and stairwells.

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SDT roof elements


Saltakformet dobbelt t-tverrsnitt (SDT) are used roof supports and structure, made from concrete. SDT is an affordable and fast solution for those who want to cover a large roof area without pillar support inside the main structure. The building setup allow between 17 and 32 meter between each layout. SDT is suitable for production facilities and garages, among other things, but cant also be used for office buildings, since it allows for a change of floor plan without having to take load-bearing supports into account.

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Height mmEst. weight kN/m2Est. max length (m)

Balconies and Hallways

When constructing a balcony or hallway with our products, you can pick between pillars of walls as supports. We develop balcony- and hallway elements differently, depending on the projects needs, supportsystem, function and aesthetic presentation.

There are three main appearance designs when construction a balcony:

  • The balcony is external to the main structure.

  • The balcony is pulled back, so it ends at a similar point to the main structure.

  • The balcony is a continous hallway.

These designs will provide different structural solutions and possibilities. The solution used will also depend on the size of the balcony and the constructive system of the building in general. More common ways of supporting balconies are either by an extension of the supportive elements, or creating separate walls to support the structure.

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Concrete slabs

Floor separators

Slabs, also known as formwork covers, are made from concrete plates with bottom edge reinforcement. Slabs are pre fabricated formwork in concrete. The main reinforcement are fused into the plates, with a thickness between 40-60 mm. Main area of usage are in separation of floors, in all types of buildings. They can also be used in bridge- and dock construction.

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Height mmEst. weight kN/m2Est. Max length (m)



A culvert is a burried tunnel that can function as an aquaduct, walkway, electrical installations or a combination of these. We make culverts in a wide span of shapes and sizes. Our culverts can be in various ways, from creating a small drainage, to massive underground walkways with cable passthrough in lager cities.

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Matrice elements

Betongelement med valgmuligheter

Concrete elements doesn’t have to be smooth an gray. Facades can have different textures, shapes and colors, something we believe many will appreciate. The concrete elements are cast in matrices to create the desired shape and surface-texture. The matrices can be tailored upon request, and will give a unique and attractive look on your building. Helgeland Betong have a long history with designing and constructing concrete walls.

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Retaining walls

Retaining walls are a pre designed product. However, you can still pick different types of surfaces, and we also have a good selection of pre-built shapes and colors choices to pick from.

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Concrete walls

Concrete walls without insulation are a good choice for buildings without heating needs. If the building needs heating later on, the walls can be insulated post-construction. As facades, they have the same shape- and surface choices that sandwich-walls (ordinary walls) have. They also have the same visual choices, and therfore can be tailored to you needs.

We have several shapes and colors to pick from when purchasing our concrete walls.

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Facade elements and load-bearing facades

Concrete elements for facade and wall

Helgeland Betong offers several concrete elements and load-bearing facades. They can be adjusted easily to fit within any project. We offer various shapes and colors, depending on your need.


Isolated walls

Concrete walls (also known as sandwich-walls) has excellent insulation and noise reduction, and is also fireproof and easy to maintain. Every wall can be tailored to your needs, and offers alot of options in their shape, color and surface texture. Our concrete walls are insulated with plastic foam or mineral wool. The type and amount of insulation can be adjusted to your needs and the u-value demands for your construction project.


Concrete walla/facade without insulation

Concrete walls without insulation works great in buildings without heating needs. If the building needs heating later on, the walls can be insulated post-construction. Since these walls and facades have the same shape as sandwich-walls, they offer the same amount of customisation, and can be tailored to your needs. The dimensions are adjusted to the thickness of the conrete, choice of materials, and possible thermal impact from the sun.

Attached concrete walls or facades

Attached concrete elements are either supported or carried by rear-facing supports, most commonly either concrete- or steel pillars.

Load-bearing concrete walls or facades

Load-bearing facades are often used as part of the main structure in a building. Using load-bearing concrete elements offers a high degree of flexibility, especially with large rooms, as our concrete elements reduces the need for load-bearing interior walls. This provides a lot of flexibility when setting up rooms in your building.


We offer different choices of texture, look and color for all concrete walls we deliver.

Concrete doesn’t have to be smooth an gray. Facades can have different textures, shapes and colors, with a wide selection to choose from. The concrete elements are cast in matrices to create the desired shape and surface-texture. Combining different matrices and color combinations can create a unique look on your building. Need more information? Contact us for more information!

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Environmentally friendly concrete roadblocks

The roadblocks are made from leftover concrete, recycled and repurposed to provide a solid roadblocker. The roadblocks can be used as separating walls at a construction site, parking spot markers, and much more. Colors can be added before or after delivery.



1.20 m høy
2 m bred


Med not og fjær (egner seg utmerket i grustak eller lignede)
1.90 m høy
2 m bred

Sperrestein er lagervare hos oss og vi er glade dersom kunden kan bruke av vårt lager. Vi selger derfor lagerførte steiner for en lavere pris. Vi produserer selvfølgelig også på bestilling til normalpris.

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Euro Block – Concrete Lego

– Just like building with lego

Euro Block are concrete blocks with the same building principles as lego. This solution is an affordable, flexible and durable way to both store and secure items. Euro Block is built to handle huge loads, and can function as protective walls, wall separators, roadblocks, massebinger, storage, carports, garage, noise isolating walls, and foundations. In short, if you can dream it, Euro Block can do it. Euro block is easy to setup, and expandable. It’s also renewable, and can be sold of once you’re done.

Euro Block has a sustainable production, and is built from leftover concrete, making it environmentally friendly, durable, and sustainable to produce,

Euro Block works on both small- and large scale projects, in a commercial or private setting.

Benefits when using Euro Block:

  • Flexible setup
  • Fireproof
  • Durable
  • Easy to setup and remove
  • Cost-effective

Helgeland Betong can provide support with loading the blocks for transport at the factory. However, the client has to provide their own solution when unloading the blocks at the construction site.
Please contact department manager Vidat Røssvassbukt with any inquiries or orders:

+47 48 00 12 07


TypeHeightWidthLengthWeightPrice (ex VAT.)
1/3 stone0,6 m0,6 m0,6 m516 kg1200 kr
Half stone0,6 m0,6 m0,9 m775 kg1300 kr
2/3 stone0,6 m0,6 m1,2 m1034 kg1400 kr
Full stone0,6 m0,6 m1,8 m1550 kg1600 kr

Euro Block Helgeland Betong betonglego