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For close to 70 years, Helgeland Betong has been in continuous growth. Today, we are the region’s largest supplier of ready-mixed concrete, and one of Northern Norway’s largest concrete element manufacturers. From our base in Mo i Rana, with a market area spanning the country’s three northernmost counties, we are a supplier and partner with long-lasting experience and solid knowledge of the region and the products we deliver.

Our strengths are possessing skilled professionals and a large production capacity. Concrete is our specialty; Since we started with production in 1973, we have consolidated our position as one of Northern Norway’s largest concrete element factories.

We produce everything in concrete and hollow-core elements for commercial buildings, industrial premises and apartment buildings – as well as for various infrastructure projects. At our mixing facility, we have a solid and experienced group with over 45 years of experience in ready-mixed concrete.

As a player in the concrete industry, we contribute to the development towards a common goal of a more sustainable society. This means our contruction projects are build to last for a long time, and being built in a sustainable and durable way. We are constantly making sure we’re up to dato on environmental requirements and digital workstools. This ensures we can deliver the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for all projects.

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A rock solid story

From a small concrete factory based in Sjåneset, we’ve grown into one of the largest concrete-element producers in North-Norway, while also being the largest ready-mixed concrete producer in the region, and the largest producer of concrete floating jetties in Norway.
Our history starts in 1952, when the shopkeeper Johan Smith-Nilsen founded Helgeland Betongvarefabrikk (Helgeland Concrete goods factory). The factory was built in 1965 at Ytteren, and is today where Helgeland Betong resides. Helgeland Betong has since then been a cornerstone in Rana, with roots stretching far back in the history of Rana.

Over the last 60 years, we’ve contributed to the development and growth of our region. Our core strength lies in the work that we do, our skilled workers, and large production capacity.

Helgeland Betongvarefabrikk 1952: Helge Johansen controls the lift while Einar Almås oversees the procedure. This picture is sourced from the book “En Helstøpt historie” (A concrete forged story), written by Ivar Hartviksen.